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Streamlining Services

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As hard as it is to list all the various services a firm can offer, it is also far from real to claim offering all and every service a project needs. This section describes the major services we offer, to help you see where and how we can add value to your projects.
The streamlined solutions are structured around the three major phases a project goes through:
Planning, Design, and Operation.
Given the overlap, interchange, and interdependence between many of the listed services, they are not exclusive to a certain stage and can often be customized, mixed, and rearranged to meet the project’s demands.

Streamlined Planning

Our streamlined planning solutions offer you the best set of tools to help evaluate the opportunities and explore the possibilities early enough in the process to avoid undertaking expensive re-design.
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Streamlined Design

Our streamlined design solutions offer you a set of specialized services to help you optimize your design in an integrated approach, bringing it closer to a clean implementation.
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Streamlined Operations

Our streamlined operation solutions offer you a complete set of services to improve your performance, reduce your running costs, and reach your environmental objectives.
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Streamlined Planning

  • HVAC systems assessment

    Despite reaching up to 20% of a building’s total construction cost, the true big cost of an HVAC system comes during its operation...

  • Renewable technologies feasibility

    Renewable energy technologies like photovoltaic, wind turbines, solar thermal, geothermal, and biomass among others, are well known by many...

  • Life cycle economic evaluation

    When you’re seeking the best system for your project, the answer is not always straight forward, and picking the alternative with the highest...

  • Sustainable master-planning

    Whether it’s a house, a building, a campus, or a city block, every project starts with planning and rough objectives...

  • LEED energy consulting

    If you embark on your Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) journey with a strong stance in “Energy”, you will have greater...

Streamlined Design

  • Design & Specifications Review

    A second or fresh pair of eyes to look over the design and specifications will always add value to the project...

  • Mechanical Design in 3D with BIM

    In a time where Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D drawing design has become the standard for leading design firms, demanding clients,...

  • Central Plant Design Optimization

    When dealing with medium to large scale projects, sometimes as large as an entire city, central utility plants (CUP) are the vital heart for the operation of the facilities...

  • Energy Modeling & Design Advice

    With many software tools available to simulate the energy performance of a building, energy modeling should not be limited to projects seeking green certifications...

  • High Performance Building Design

    High-performance building design is an ever evolving process, making the best performing buildings of yesterday the standard of performance today...

Streamlined Operations

  • Implementation & Oversight

    Even with the best design documents and execution instructions, a lacking implementation will lead to under performance...

  • Corporate Sustainability

    Corporate Sustainability is a business approach that creates long-term consumer and employee value by not only devising...

  • Process & Maintenance Optimization

    The way a facility is operated and maintained has a great impact not only on equipment life and performance, but also on the energy bill...

  • Facility Assessment & Energy Audit

    The facility assessment and energy audit process will allow you to find system and operation inefficiencies in your building that are wasting...

  • Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning

    Commissioning (Cx) is an intensive quality assurance process ensuring that a new building meets the owner’s requirements and operates...

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